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React v0.14.1

28 octobre 2015 par Paul O’Shannessy

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After a couple weeks of having more people use v0.14, we’re ready to ship a patch release addressing a few issues. Thanks to everybody who has reported issues and written patches!

The release is now available for download:

We’ve also published version 0.14.1 of the react, react-dom, and addons packages on npm and the react package on bower.


React DOM

  • Fixed bug where events wouldn’t fire in old browsers when using React in development mode
  • Fixed bug preventing use of dangerouslySetInnerHTML with Closure Compiler Advanced mode
  • Added support for srcLang, default, and kind attributes for <track> elements
  • Added support for color attribute
  • Ensured legacy .props access on DOM nodes is updated on re-renders

React TestUtils Add-on

  • Fixed scryRenderedDOMComponentsWithClass so it works with SVG

React CSSTransitionGroup Add-on

  • Fix bug preventing 0 to be used as a timeout value

React on Bower

  • Added react-dom.js to main to improve compatibility with tooling
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