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React v0.11.2

16 septembre 2014 par Paul O’Shannessy

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Today we’re releasing React v0.11.2 to add a few small features.

We’re adding support for two more DOM elements, <dialog> and <picture>, as well as the associated attributes needed to use these elements: open, media, and sizes. While not all browsers support these natively, some of our cutting edge users want to make use of them, so we’re making them available to everybody.

We’re also doing some work to prepare for v0.12 and improve compatibility between the versions. To do this we are replacing React.createDescriptor with React.createElement. createDescriptor will continue to work with a warning and will be gone in v0.12. Chances are that this won’t affect anybody.

And lastly, on the heels of announcing Flow at @Scale yesterday, we’re adding the ability to strip TypeScript-like type annotations as part of the jsx transform. To use, simply use the --strip-types flag on the command line, or set stripTypes in the options object when calling the API. We’ll be talking about Flow more in the coming months. But for now, it’s helpful to know that it is a flow-sensitive JavaScript type checker we will be open sourcing soon.

The release is available for download from the CDN:

We’ve also published version 0.11.2 of the react and react-tools packages on npm and the react package on bower.

Please try these builds out and file an issue on GitHub if you see anything awry.

React Core

New Features

  • Added support for <dialog> element and associated open attribute
  • Added support for <picture> element and associated media and sizes attributes
  • Added React.createElement API in preparation for React v0.12

    • React.createDescriptor has been deprecated as a result


  • <picture> is now parsed into React.DOM.picture

React Tools

  • Update esprima and jstransform for correctness fixes
  • The jsx executable now exposes a --strip-types flag which can be used to remove TypeScript-like type annotations

    • This option is also exposed to require('react-tools').transform as stripTypes
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